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Thanks to Our Veterans

November 11, 2011

As the United States withdraws troops from Iraq and the conflict in Afghanistan continues, we are aware of the hardships our military forces and their families have endured. Those involved in the military face challenges that result from financial strain, separation, trauma, and the loss of comrades and loved ones. We at Saint Joseph College appreciate the sacrifices they have made for our country, and we are proud of the alumnae/i who stand among them.

Women continue to play an increasingly integral role in the military. The first 19 women to complete officer training at submariners’school graduated just last week; female students earned two of the three class achievement awards. The commanding general of Parris Island is a woman. Saint Joseph College alumnae/i have served in a variety of military roles thoughout the years, many rising to high office – among our graduates was one of the Navy’s first female Rear Admirals.

We are excited to have been designated as a “military-friendly” institution and we look forward to welcoming more servicewomen and men to our programs.


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