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Summer’s Harvest

September 2, 2011

My guests from The School for Young Children's summer program helped water the garden during their visit.

As we mark the “official” end of summer with Labor Day weekend, I find myself reviewing some of the highlights of the season. There are so many delightful events that take place in the summer – free concerts in the park, trips to the shore, Shakespeare on campus, festivals and more.

One of my favorite summertime activities is planting and tending my garden. I find gardening both relaxing and productive, and it’s a wonderful activity to share with young people. Children from the SJC School for Young Children visited me in August and helped harvest summer squash, collard greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs. However, I think their favorite activity was watering the plants! My grandchildren also pitched in during their annual summer visit to Connecticut. They were able to enjoy watermelon and cantaloupe in addition to the veggies.

My grandson Zachary

My granddaughter Grace.


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