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Shanghai’s Delights

March 22, 2011

This city scene is representative of much of Shanghai.

Touring Shanghai was amazing in many respects. The variety and ingenuity of the architecture left me in awe; the city’s landscape is comprised of one amazing skyscraper after another. They twist and reach high above the ancient temples with gleaming steel, glass, and marble facades. I also enjoyed the historic sections of town, with charming parks that offered an opportunity to rest and experience a moment or two of serenity in the midst of bustling traffic.

This park is also a sculpture garden - a welcoming and wonderful place.

I once again appreciated the generosity and hospitality of my Chinese hosts. Even strangers with limited English skills graciously tried to help us find our way, and my hosts spent inordinate amounts of time making my colleagues and me feel welcome.  And I love the food!  The cuisine of Shanghai includes braised, stewed, and spicy; vegetables, chicken, pork, and beef are all available. Fresh fruit and bakeries abound. While, like any city, there are the Starbucks and McDonalds, we went from one outstanding meal to the next in restaurants where our hosts piled the table with many fine dishes.

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