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As We Conclude our Visit…

March 19, 2011

Cool temperatures and warm welcomes greeted us at every place we visited in China. Our guides and hosts represented the best of Chinese graciousness and generosity. We were delighted by the amazing contrasts in new and old, the incredible architecture, and the wonderful opportunities to connect with our counterparts in higher education. Whether it was the virtual reality demonstration at Shanghai Normal University’s undergraduate campus by the sea, the serenity of the ancient Yu Gardens in the heart of the city, the vastness of Tongji University’s library or just the variety of new and delicious foods presented to us, we were treated to one spectacle after another.  Throughout our visit, we were met by friendly smiles from students, especially when we spoke to them in English. They welcomed the chance to practice their language skills with us and they were interested in hearing about our university and our programs.

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