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Women Racing for Fun and Health

February 24, 2011

Competitors' entry numbers were written on their arms.

The cycling portion was done on spinning bikes.

Saint Joseph College marked National Girls and Women in Sports Day this Valentine’s Weekend with our fifth annual Indoor Sprint Triathlon. The event was once again a huge success, selling out more than a week in advance! Luckily my team (Team Reid) had reserved our space early on, and we were set to go. As women of all ages streamed into the O’Connell Athletic Center, each one received a celebratory t-shirt, water bottle and Saint Joseph College tote bag. It was great to receive prizes before we even started to sweat! Instead of tackling all three events (a 20 minute swim, 20 minutes on the stationary bike, and 20 minutes on the indoor track), I split the tasks with my teammates. Vice President Cheryl Barnard was already in the pool when I arrived, steadily stroking through her swim. She beat her previous record and posted a solid 37 laps! Now it was my turn. I jumped on a stationary spinning bike next to another grandmother who was there with her daughter, a niece, and a granddaughter (each one of the three generations was competing in all events). On the other side of me was a professional-looking athlete. To my dismay, I then discovered that, instead of being able to simply pedal my way through the allotted time at my own pace, we had a pacer who pushed us up and down imaginary hills until my knees were rubbery. Happily my event finally ended. I quickly handed off to our student anchor, Noelle Bellefleur, who ran with the determination and speed needed to bring us into 23rd place – our best team showing in three years! Wrapping up with the complimentary massage from the massage therapy students from Market Square Wellness Center and the American Massage Therapy Association, we all reaped our well-deserved relaxation. (Yes, I did have two massages… for the sake of the students!)

Triathlon swimmers look ready to take on the English Channel next!

Yours truly, in action!

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