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Snow Days

January 31, 2011

Record snowfall in Hartford has transformed our campus into a gleaming white vision reminiscent of scenes from Narnia under the spell of the Ice Queen. Students and faculty alike are rendered immobile and the quiet is pervasive. This may actually be an opportunity for catching up on writing assignments, email, laundry, and other tasks that seem to pile up as we dash from one activity to the next in our daily rounds. It is also a time that we can reflect on nature’s wonders and how there remain so many aspects of life that are beyond our control. In the past few weeks, two beloved members of our campus community died: Sheila Ward, a librarian, and Mike Gessford, an adventure educator. We miss them and mourn them. But just as the cold and snow cover the beauty of the landscape and leave us to hold the memories of spring’s renewal close, we also hold close the memories of our friends, and take comfort in the belief that we will reunite in a future life.

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