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Welcoming a New Season

October 1, 2010

Faculty marshals lead students into the Convocation ceremony.

This year’s extended summer warmth has only just begun to segue into cooler fall evenings; that transition somehow makes the start of Saint Joseph College’s 78th academic year seem all the sweeter. Welcoming the Class of ’14, our largest first-year class ever; cutting the ribbon on our new pharmacy facility; offering graduate classes to teachers across the State of CT – these exciting achievements provide a striking counterpoint to the tensions of a new political season and the stress of our national economic situation. It is interesting, and disheartening, to see that the shared challenges we face as a country are not serving to bring our citizens together. Instead there seems to be more anger, more upheaval, and more distress than ever.

As I walk across our beautiful tree-lined campus to watch a tennis match or a soccer game, it is easy to pretend that we are somehow apart from the turmoil of the rest of the world. But Saint Joseph College is no ivory tower – students, faculty and staff are engaged in service projects and internships throughout the community. Our students and their families are making real sacrifices to achieve a Saint Joseph College education, and face greater challenges than ever in this tumultuous economy.

The faculty and staff who stood with me at Convocation and pledged our best efforts on behalf of our students take that oath very seriously. Once again this year we will strive to expand our students’ minds and skills, and inspire them to attain new levels of awareness of the world and themselves.

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