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Benefits of Gardening

July 9, 2010

The garden is filled with shades of green.

Living a “greener” life, having access to fresh vegetables, enjoying a relaxing pastime – all of these are great reasons for cultivating a garden, but I admit that I started mine this past May because I love when spring comes and cannot wait to see growth of all kinds emerge from the recently-thawed earth. It makes me feel great to nurture the plants, to line them up and watch them grow. So I planted lettuce and collard greens in May; tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and squash in June; and finally scattered some radish and beet seeds, too.

My vegetables are growing! There is satisfaction in picking them and eating them; pride in giving them away; but the most fun came last week when I had visitors from our School for Young Children summer camp.

Some of the 'fruits' of my labor - summer squash and radishes.

The children picked the ripened radishes and lettuce leaves. They enjoyed smelling the mint leaves; as one youngster noted, “It smells like chewing gum!” And, of course, what four-year old does not want to use the garden hose to help water?

I feel very righteous that I am helping the world and educating children with my garden… and my squash tastes great, too!


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