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A Good Time for Education

January 15, 2010

After a year of daily reports of financial doom and gloom, we are all eager for some positive news from the nation’s economic experts. Based on reports I heard at a recent economic summit held in Hartford, corporate CEO’s, state legislators, and even the head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston agreed that the economy is finally in recovery … but they also agreed that full recovery will be exceedingly slow. Happily, reports show that education and health care areas are typically among the first sectors to recover after major recessions. Many people think that this is a good time for undergraduate students to continue their studies into the graduate level, and for adult learners to complete an undergraduate degree.

As part of this effort, Saint Joseph College will continue to provide the necessary support to give returning adult students the confidence and encouragement they need to succeed. As a former professor who has taught adult students at both the community college and four-year college levels, I have seen firsthand how transformative the experience can be for both the adult students and their families. I remember the man who willingly gave up his career as an exterminator to become a school teacher for underprivileged youth, and the 57-year old woman who had the courage to commit to learning for her own sake. These adults worked hard, but the satisfaction that came with their success was as palpable as the pride that they shared with their families. Finding opportunities for adult learners at Saint Joseph College is a priority that many of our faculty members are addressing this term.

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